What is a Selfie Stand?

Said simply, it is a photo entertainment station for use at parties, weddings, events, or anywhere a group of people are having fun!  It's similar to a photo booth, only much much better!


The design of the Arkansas Selfie Stand is elegant and clean, and will offer you and your guest's memories that will last a life time.   Our high-tech Arkansas Selfie Stand is heads above anything else in this market. And to insure your guests have the best experience we will be at your event to take photos and to help create a fun time for all. The entire process is driven through our 32" touchscreen display and a high resolution Cannon camera (we can photograph up to 18 people at one time).  The Arkansas Selfie Stand can then print, text, Facebook, or Tweet the photo... whichever your guests prefer. 

How does it work?

  1. Step over to the Arkansas Selfie Stand.
  2. Grab a Fun Prop if you want to get wild!
  3. Then our Event Coordinator will snap your picture
  4. One, two, three...OMG! Look at the Camera!!! FLASH
  5. Check your photo on the screen.
  6. Then tell the attendant to (print, text, or  social media).  Its just that easy!

How do I Make a Reservation?

  1. Send us an email or call us at the numbers below, with all of the details about your event (date, time, location).
  2. The Arkansas Selfie Stand team will confirm availability and pricing.
  3. Pay a deposit (1/2 of the booking fee).
  4. About a week before the event The Arkansas Selfie Stand team will contact you to confirm final details and collect the balance of the booking fee.
  5. The Arkansas Selfie Stand team will see you at your event.